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Item 1. Moveable lawn with centrepiece tree. Perfect for those occasions when you’re expecting to have an outdoor drink with friends in your concrete courtyard. Just roll it out and enjoy! $250.  Add to cart


Item 2.
Are your young children frightened of the dark? Yes? Then have a little fun by freaking them out totally with this innovative lighting arrangement. It’s guaranteed to make a strong impression. Add to cart


Item 3. Our most popular product. We are fast running out of stock.
1 for $40 or 2 for $90. (Yes, it works out cheaper to buy just one.)  Add to cart.



Item 4. A one-off. It’s a sculpture by the artist Frances Bruno Catalano. The work symbolises the vacuum created by being forced to leave your land, your life, your people . . . for any reason. $33m. Add to cart.



Item 5. An impressive 8o metre tall statue of Zeus raising his right hand towards the heavens. This ancient piece is almost completely buried upright in the Botanic Gardens, and for that reason it comes remarkably cheap. If you dig it out yourself you can have it for the low, low price of $25. (A court order requires you to leave the tree there.) Add to Cart



Item 6. A gift that is not only romantic, it’s practical. 1 for $69, or 12 for $75. Add to cart



Item 7. Be the life of the party! Attract that special someone!  Have your friends laughing hysterically and looking at you with admiration! This item will have you invited to any social occasion. It will pay for itself over and over. A steal at $139. Add to cart


Item 8. Wet weather footwear for the lady with elegance. Seventy-two colours to choose from. $60 for one flipper, but only $55 for two! Add to cart


Item 9. Camouflage jacket, for those days in which you have to move around incognito. (Don’t we all?) $150 for one, but you can have all ten jackets for just $1,300. Add to cart
For an extra $30 we can arrange for the packaging to also be camouflaged. Add to cart

Item 10. Goat meat, including Halal, kosher and vegan. Moist, tender goat meat delivered to your door. Only $15.99 a kilo. (min 80 kgs). Add to cart
Unfortunately this item is currently unavailable. The goats escaped. We will keep you updated.


 Item 11. Potty trainer for the busy baby. Don’t let your child’s development lag behind the others.
Only $0.99.  Add to cart.

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