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Ray is asked about God.

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Ray is a gentle chap passionate about spreading the Word of God. But he is no pushover: he sticks up for himself and he sticks up for God. He genuinely wants to change people’s lives. “Even just to plant a seed . . .” he’ll say.

For a time, each week he kindly stopped by Mr Bashful’s platform to answer two questions. In Oct 2015 he decided that the questions were too ridiculous, and that we would halt the segment for a while.

The questions asked of Ray are below. You can decide for yourself how ridiculous they are.

Better yet, why not go to Speakers’ Corner and ask him questions yourself. He’s there from 2pm until 4pm.

 Q. Is God running a protection racket? That is, if we give God what He wants, He won’t torture us by sending us to Hell for eternity? Is that correct? Is that the deal?

Q. Ray, we atheists understand the claims you put forth, and many atheists have even read the Bible from cover to cover. We trust that you have given atheists the same respect by endeavouring to understand the Theory of Evolution.. So, would you please explain to us the Theory of Evolution, or the process of natural selection. i.e. According to the theory, how do species, and sub species, come about?
Remember, this is not to be confused with the origin of life.

Q. Please explain to us why the Theory of Evolution is wrong.

Q. The Garden of Eden is portrayed to be a paradise. But there is only so much gambolling that two people can do in a beautiful park without becoming bored. Many of us can afford to create our own Garden of Eden, but wouldn’t want to. Billionaires can create beautiful gardens, and do, but rather than laze about naked doing nothing, they far prefer to get back to work. To be stuck in a paradise with nothing to do would be hell on Earth, surely? Is it possible that Adam and Even bit the apple because they were bored senseless, and wanted something to happen?
 Put another way, how would you feel if you were sentenced to spend the rest of your life in a garden paradise with your family? No books. No TV. No work. No sport. No nothing. How would you like it?

Q. If God decreed – in any form he might so choose – that it was alright to murder people with ginger hair – indeed, He encouraged it – would you begin killing people with ginger hair? 
 At the very least, would you condone it? 
 Would you protest if ginger people were not killed?

Q. Let’s say that right now, in this very moment, God chose, for whatever reason, to no longer exist. However, He chooses to leave the universe as it is, running like a Swiss watch. My question is: How would we know He is no longer with us? In what way would the world be different?

Q. If the world was created only a few thousand years ago, how can the dinosaur fossils be explained? And the fossils of the recently discovered homo neledi?

Q. Adam and Eve bit the apple and humanity became lost. Suddenly we could become ill and die. God sent Jesus to forgive us our sins. So, if we give ourselves to Jesus, and have our sins forgiven, then why do we still get ill, and why do we still die? Why do we continue to be punished?

Q. If God continues to punish us for Adam and Eve’s sin, even after we have given ourselves to Jesus, how do we know He won’t continue to put us into hell fire anyway? If He doesn’t truly forgive us for what Adam did, then why would He become Mr Nice-guy straight after we have died?

Q. Before God gave us morals to live by, from where did people get their morals?

Q. Times have changed. We are different to those who lived centuries ago. We are a lot more sophisticated in the way we think. The Bible has in its first testament many stories which might alienate the modern day reader, and the second Testament is a little quaint, and has little to offer most people. Churches are losing their audiences. Is it time for God to write a Third Testament that is more relevant to today’s more educated, more complex, searcher for the Truth?

Q. Before Adam and Eve bit the apple, none of God’s creatures died. My question is: How did the ants survive when an animal accidentally trod on them?

Q. In the Garden of Eden, where did the polar bears live? (And what did they eat?)

Q. Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of the Republic of North Korea. No one dares criticise him. To do so means a visit to a firing squad. Not only can you not criticise, you are actually required to adore him. Universal reverence is mandatory.
  In short, anyone who does not give their total allegiance to this dictator, or dares to criticise him, will be put to death, and may well suffer torture in the process. Unless, of course, he forgives the person.
 My question is, Ray: Does Kim Jong-un remind you of anyone?


If Adam and Eve had not bitten the Apple, the Garden of Eden would still exist today, with Adam and Eve and all the animals happily co-existing. There would be no sickness and no death.
 This question is in three parts:
1. What would the lions be eating?

2. What if an animal fell down a hole somewhere and broke its leg and couldn’t get out. Would it starve to death in agony, in the Garden of Eden? Would it live forever in agony with a broken leg?
3. The animals would have loads of sex and have young. Given that there would be no death, would it not get very crowded? Wouldn’t the planet be quickly covered in animals?

Q. It is universally accepted that the British were cruel in the early 1800s for sending convicts to Australia for merely stealing an apple.
 When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple God exhibited the same harshness. He could have said something like, ‘Hey, I told you guys not to eat that. You have disappointed me terribly. But I’ll give you just one more chance. Don’t do it again.’ But he didn’t say that. Instead, he  cast them out of paradise, made them mortal, made all of us mortal, and subject to disease and anguish and all forms of suffering, and  some of us will end up in Hell and eternal damnation, for ever and ever, in a fire that does not consumeth. 
 Plus,  all the innocent animals in the Garden of Eden will suffer as well, dying  mostly by starving to death or by being eaten alive.
  This is all because Adam and Eve took a bite out of an apple thousands of years ago, without permission.
 My question is: is there just a touch of irony in the fact that God is known as the god of love, mercy and forgiveness?

Q. In 1938 in England, just before WWII, a guy called Nicholas Winton was about to go on a skiiing holiday when a friend suggested he instead go to Checoslaviakaia and help some Jewish refugees being persecuted.
 In short, he managed to save 669 children from death by getting them to England. He spent all the money he had to do it, and all the while his life was in danger. His mother and a few volunteers found foster homes for all of the children, and to this day those children, now adults, call themselves the Winton children.
 Nicholas was a modest man. Years passed and he told no one about how he had saved 669 children. Not even his wife. She only found out about it when she found a scrapbook in his attic that had a list of children’s names in it. 
 Word got around. He became known as ‘The British Schindler’. He was invited to be on a television show. He turned up and was given a tribute. The host of the program then said one of the people on that list was here tonight. She was sitting right next to Nicholas.
   The woman turned to hug and thank Nicholas for saving her life so many years ago. It would bring a tear to a glass eye.
 (Click here if you wish to see it.)
   The host of the television program then asked the audience, ‘Is there anyone else here who had their life saved by Nicholas Winton? If so, please stand up.’
Half the audience stood up. 

  Nicholas died last week, aged 101. My question is: given that Nicholas did not give himself to Jesus, is Nicholas at this very moment burning in a pool of hellfire, and destined to be there for eternity?

Q. Wouldn’t Adam and Eve get tired of eating just fruit and veges? Did they not have a stove and an oven and a spice rack to cook anything more delicious?

Q. You can tell the age of a tree by chopping it down and looking at the number of rings in the stump.  God made the Garden of Eden and everything in it. If Adam had cut one of the trees in the Garden of Eden down, would the stump have had rings?

*(If you want to comment, don’t comment here. This is not a forum for religious debate. Go to the Gecko Prince Youtube channel and comment on Ray’s videos.)

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