Soapbox Speakers




“Our politicians have the intellectual depth of a fast drying puddle of dog piss.”



Helmut 4

“A communist is a person who has nothing, but is willing to share it with everyone.”

“The communist credo: What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is none of your concern.”

“You finally understand. The blind chicken has found the corn.”

“Catholicism is Judaism for the philistines.”



Andrew good

‘Just because I flash women, why is that not showing them respect?’


Uncle Pete


‘Norm, your job in life is to miss the point, for the crowd’s entertainment.’


Mr Bashful

‘If you have seen one scenic view you have seen them all.’

After Notre Dame burned down:
  ‘France used to say, “We have no room for a McDonald’s in Paris.” Well, they have now.’




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