Soapbox Speakers

Uncle Pete’s Rants

Speakers’ Corner has a speaker who speaks for just a few minutes. (He then heckles for an hour.) This new page was created because it is probably  the only way you will get to see him.
Be prepared to be offended. And have a laugh.

Uncle Pete’s Rants.

A gleeful looking Peter about to cause trouble.

A gleeful looking Peter about to cause trouble.

 Uncle Pete explains why most of us should be paid a lot more.  Click here.

2. Peter is not a big fan of Mike Baird, NSW’s Premier. Click here.

3. Peter has a few good things to say about schoolteachers. Click here.

4. Richard Dawkins was in a Youtube video. Uncle Pete comments on the theists in it, and on believers in general. Click here.

5. Uncle Pete has a brief swipe at ‘climate deniers’. In particular, radio hosts Alan Jones and Brian Wilshire. Click here.

6. What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? Click here.

7. Dyson Heydon is a retired High Court Judge who was given the job of heading a Royal Commission into trade unions. People given that position are supposed to appear to be politically impartial, but questions were raised when it was revealed that he had agreed to deliver a speech at a Liberal Party fundraiser. In his rant, Peter talks about Dyson. Click here.

8. Peter talks about the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, and Dutton’s lack of plans for the detention centre in Nauru. Click here.

9. Peter wants to know why the police are carrying guns at a peaceful protest. Click here.

10. There is a television show called ‘TheBlock’ in which couples compete to renovate an apartment. Peter reveals a dark secret about the program, and a few more facts about television in general. Click here.

11. When the politicians speak about domestic violence, they talk about respect. Uncle Pete explains why that view is simplistic. Click here.

12. Teachers having sex with students? Click here.

13. Peter thinks we are wasting money having a defence force, and he comments on our relationship with the U.S.A. Click here.

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