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News for Speakers’ Corner, Sunday 24th November.

In News for Speakers' Corner on November 25, 2019 at 9:33 am

“Speakers’ Corner: a fun waste of time.”
Daniel, grasshopper.

1. Today? Men shouting. Much rudeness. Most unpleasant.

However, we had two women get up onto the Ladder of Knowledge and answer questions and on each occasion it was a welcome break for all of us. Thank you, Jane (who spoke about Brexit and women’s reluctance to speak), and Sabine, from Latvia, a popular actress in the U.K. who would on no circumstances change the spelling of the Latvian or English languages.



Graeme and Sabine


Graeme and Sabine

2. Your scribe only knows that Steve Maxwell had a good, enjoyable day. Ray was there too.

Other topics discussed on the Ladder of Knowledge:
– The Westpac Bank’s assistance to terrorists and paedophiles.

– The Australian Cricket Board’s penchant for having longer matches than necessary, to get the advertising dollar.

– The Hongkong riots. Would the protestors do far less damage if the police didn’t turn up to quell them? (Answer: no. They’d wreck the economy by taking over the airport and financial institutions. Thanks, Ben.)

– Prince Andrew’s interview. Does he look like a liar simply because he has been trained as a member of the royal family to speak with moderation and avoid any display of spontaniety and emotion? Are the media not taking that into account?

– If we once changed from pounds, shillings and pence to the dollar, and changed yards into metres, should we now simplify the spelling of the English language and get rid of all apostrophes and obsolete words?

– Why does school feel like a gulag to some kids? (With no disrespect to the poor people who have to survive in a real gulag.) Why is the plight of those kids never talked about?

“If human life is priceless, we always act as though there was something exceeding human life in value . . But what?”  (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). But what?

– We had a group discussion on upskirting. At one point the men in the audience were asked, “If you were urinating in a men’s public toilet and a woman walked in and took a photograph of your penis without your consent, would you mind?” Of the men who voted, three said they would mind and nine said they wouldn’t. The speaker said he wouldn’t mind either. So, 10 out of 13 wouldn’t care. We looked at what this might mean and at the issues and emotions surrounding the topic of upskirting.

– Helmut had a good half hour at the end of the day and we finished at around 5.45pm.

Who will be upskirting this bonnie lad?

3. Our unusual critter this week from the Unusual Creature Series is the tree kangaroo. For ethical reasons it refuses to look at our Facebook page.

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