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News for Speakers’ Corner, Sunday 5th May

In News for Speakers' Corner on May 6, 2019 at 10:46 am

“True friends stab you in the front.”
Oscar Wilde.

1. The rain tricked your scribe. It was raining when I was about to leave and the ABC’s rain map suggested it would keep raining, so plans to attend Speakers’ Corner were abandoned. But the rain map was wrong and the day unaccountably brightened. (Another good reason to halve the ABC’s funding.) Presumably, the regulars were smarter about picking the weather and turned up to enjoy the day without your scribe.

Steve, Helmut, Ray, Mirko and Mr B may well have been at their dazzling best, and I missed it.

2. A challenge is issued!  This coming Sunday, organiser Tim Brunero will have politicians from the minor parties giving us their policies. They will have access to a microphone and the event will be live streamed on Facebook from 2pm until 5pm. Come along to listen, and ask a question!

However, the regular grasshoppers will still need their weekly dose of wisdom, so Steve and Mr B will be speaking from 12.30pm until 2pm.

Mr B will be presenting the policies he believes Australia needs, and he challenges Tim’s politicians to point out the flaws in his policies. (Of course, it’s a trick. There are no flaws in his policies.)

Steve Maxwell has issued a similar challenge. By 2pm the politicians will be in disarray, but wiser.

Steve is a member of the Greens, and Mr B has provided me with a small sample of his policies:
– A super upgrade of animal welfare.
– No free trade. No Trans Pacific Partnership.
– Repeal all Unfair Dismissal laws.
– No assisted killing.
– No pill testing, no decriminalisation of drugs.
– Reinstate penalty rates.
– The Keiser Sose principle for Defence.
– No religion to be taught in schools.
– Restore our environment & increase habitats.
– Double the Medicare levy.
– Royal Commision into the justice system & significant law reform.
– Prison reform
– Innovations in science
– 12 special projects that no politician seems courageous enough to implement, including the development of an infallible lie detector & a Journal for Negative Results.
– And learn how he is going to fund those projects!


3. In our Unusual Critter Series we present to you the alien-like, almost indestructible, tardigrade. It likes our Facebook page but refuses to leave a comment.

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