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News for Speakers’ Corner, Sunday 20th August

In News for Speakers' Corner on August 21, 2017 at 11:15 am

“A politician tends to put the interests of the State before those of Australia, the interests of his party before those of his State, the interests of his constituency before those of his party, and the interests of the man he happens to speak with before the rest of the world. Such politicians become popular.”
Walter Murdoch.

1. A big thanks to all the financial contibutors today! Thank you, grasshoppers! So far we have raised $324.10 towards the cost of having a 1972 film of speaker John Webster digitised. (See the last post.) And in the process, someone got a $70 book for $10.

2. The day began with Mirko trying to convince Uncle Pete and a few onlookers that he had invented a perpetual motion machine. Next week he would provide incontrovertible proof: a photo. Suddenly Uncle Pete saw the light. He understood Mirko’s message! Then he mocked this scribe for having doubts. Jeepers.

3. The ‘Something Nice’ segment, to charm some and irritate others.

4. As promised, Mr B explained the process of natural selection, but he “went around the world” to do it. He first examined hybrids, then what makes a species, before finally moving onto the topic of natural selection itself.

Even lions are subject to the process of natural selection.

5. Other subjects discussed.
– Guys, have you ever caught yourself in your zip? We heard about one boy’s unenviable experience.

– What do you do when you are twenty and your mate discards a slide photograph of his lover in a negligee? You retrieve it from the bin when he isn’t looking, of course, and when he hosts a slide night eight years later with his family you make sure it magically appears in the slide show. Then you watch what happens next.

– Mr B gave his leadership rant. (i.e. Our Prime Minister is not our leader. He is the leader of the Liberal Party, and he is our most senior public servant.)

– Chimpanzees groom themselves by picking nits and leaves from each other, whereas we humans groom each other by texting. Which method do you think is the more soul enriching? Mr B gave eight reasons why smart phones are having a negative effect upon us.

6. Helmut spoke about physics and had to deal with one interesting character new to Speakers’ Corner. In the photo below we see that the laws of physcics don’t always apply. Where did the gravity go, Helmut?! Take that!

7. It was a cold day
and we left early, at 4.30pm.

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